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Upcoming Shows

Some Times You Just Want To Lay Down In Traffic…

For over 10 years, those that have attended Chase's shows, they have heard Chase's morbidly tongue-in-cheek  “Lay Down In Traffic”. This original song is often intro'd at shows as a reminder from Chase that "most of my songs are loving tributes and focused on happiness and love songs, but sometimes, especially a few years into marriage or work, you may get a tough dose of reality, and this song makes light of those experiences. 

This recording has been in the works since 2016, and it's a relief having it out to the world. Chase was able to pull in two incredibly talented friends, Conner Andrews (of .With The Strangers) playing a killer bass line, and Dean Nelson on guitar. The song is available now on all streaming formats including iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Tidal, Youtube Music, and more!

Brand New Live Album Available Now Everywhere!

On April 18, Given Take Records proudly released the first Internationally released Live Record from Chase Given. This new album was recorded live at St Regis Deer Valley in Park City, UT on April 2, 2023, and is the first in a series of live recordings called “Warts & All”.  

“Warts & All” is a concept important to Chase. There is nothing like a really tight recording where everything is perfect… but that's never the whole story. Chase currently tours almost exclusively doing solo shows. On stage you will see Chase, a guitar, sometimes a piano, and almost always an iPad, which recently became more than a set list reminder, and stepped up providing percussion loops to add extra groove to his shows. Chase is proud to recognize that while his shows are intended to be consistently good, he loves switching up his arrangements night to night. And…. he makes his share of mistakes and flubs on stage. Mistakes are life, and Chase has grown proud of the work he does, even with some mistakes. This is where the “Warts & All” series really becomes different. The recordings are coming HD directly from the mixer, with absolutely no editing to the performance. You hear the true performance as it is! It's real. It's authentic, and we hope you love it!

This first release features 6 original songs, and 5 covers. Including “Let's Dance”, “I Cant' Lose You”, “Thank You”, "Serendipity",  “Bonnie From Silver Spring”, and the debut of “Days Like This” to the world, as well as fan favorite covers “Viva La Vida”, “Shallow”, “Love Yourself”, “Brandy”, & “Cold Heart”, this record will definitely be a Spring 2023 Road-trip favorite, and is just the beginning of live recordings coming this year, in addition to some brand new Studio Recordings. This recording is available at iTunes/Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, Tidal, and everywhere music can be downloaded or streamed!


Don't Say You Love Me

"Honestly, I love it when you tell me you love me, but that's the title of the new song!" In August, Chase Given released his new song, written by Chase when he was waiting in line for the railroad at Disneyland in June 2022. This vintage feel smoothie is just the song you need as you enter the fall. 

This new track is available to stream or download on iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, and more! It's also available on this website as well. 

Recently, "Don't Say You Love Me" has charted on Eric Bowman's Top 30 Countdown, as well as Fessa John Hook's Countdown, Pat Gwinn's Countdown, and several others. Be sure to vote for it and bring it to number one. Request it on your favorite Carolina Beach Music/Southern Soul Radio Show!