Welcome to the information page for “The Living Christ” Musical Presentation. Please be aware that this page is intended only for organizers of religious events that are considering this presentation for their congregation, and not intended for public viewing. First, Chase has posted his most Frequently Asked Questions. Additionally , Chase has posted some Testimonials from those who have attended the Living Christ presentation. At the bottom, you will find several videos included in the presentation, with studio presentations of the live audio heard. If you have any other questions, please contact Chase Given!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

What Is “The Living Christ” Musical Presentation?

The Living Christ is a audio/visual presentation presented by Singer-Songwriter Chase Given. It is intended as an uplifting Spiritual presentation dedicated to the Savior, Jesus Christ. During the presentation, Chase performs songs about Jesus Christ live while synchronized videos are projected that coincide with the songs. Additionally, between many of the songs, videos of Well Known and respected Christians bare Testimony of their love for the Savior Jesus Christ. Among these leaders are Billy Graham, Gladys Knight, Joel Osteen, Thomas S. Monson, Tim Tebow, Gordon B. Hinckley, Deiter F. Uchtdorf, Rick Warren, and many more. Typically, this presentation is 1 hour (with time allotted for Prayer and Welcome by the presiding leader), however a 30 minute, 45 minute, and 90 minute version are available upon request.


Who Is Involved In This Presentation?

Typically, Chase Given will be the only “live” performer involved in the presentation. It is asked to have a local religious leader preside over the meeting, and welcome the guests, as well as assign opening and closing prayer. If any other performer is going to be intended to participate, please notify Chase Given ASAP. 


Is This Presentation Appropriate For Everyone?

Absolutely! This presentation is designed to strengthen the testimonies of all followers of Christ, and to kindly introduce everyone to who Jesus Christ is, and provide an understanding of what His mission on Earth was, and the sacrifices He made for every Man, Woman, and Child. Chase has scheduled this presentation for Church Congregations, Missionary Firesides, Youth Conferences, Youth For Christ Events, and even Christian-based community events. During the presentation, you will see depictions of the last hours of the Savior’s life, but it is tastefully shown and typically doesn’t create an atmosphere too intense for children.


Will This Cost Anything For Me or my Organization?

NO! Chase provides this presentation completely free to all communities and Christian Denominations. If you are more than 90 miles from Roanoke Rapids, NC, please contact Chase Given for more information.


What Are My Responsibilities As The Host?

Your responsibilities are to provide a venue for this event, and seating for the guests. Chase will provide all sound , necessary lighting and projection equipment for the event. Please be sure to communicate with Chase as to where the presentation will be held and expected number of guests as it can effect the sound needs and possible need for any lighting. Chase has found that many of these events are most successful if light refreshments are provided for the guests after the presentation, but this is only a suggestion.


What Venues Is This Presentation Appropriate For?

Chase has performed this presentation in Church Sanctuaries/Chapels, Cultural Halls, Auditoriums, Banquet Halls, as well as Outdoors in Parks, Amphitheaters, and even in a large backyard. While this presentation is designed to be reverent enough for a chapel, it is easily adaptable and comfortable in many locations.


Is There Any Promotional Information Available If We Decide To Host This Presentation?

Yes! When you officially schedule an upcoming presentation with Chase Given, he will send out pdf files and jpg files that can be printed as flyers and 4x6 inch handouts within 14 days of scheduling. Chase will also send recommendations for where these can best be printed at the lowest cost. As Chase if you have any further requests or questions regarding promotional information.


When Is This Fireside Available?

Well, that’s up to you! Chase has scheduled events on as short-notice as 30 days out, but it is often based on his availability. Chase has set aside many dates throughout the year for this presentation against his typical performing schedule. Typically “The Living Christ” presentation is booked 30-60 days in advance. 


Who Do I Contact To Schedule This Presentation?

Please contact Chase Given directly. You can e-mail him at chase@chasegiven.com or call (252) 258-5998.